It’s Supposed to be Blue


the task

Working in collaborative groups of four, we were asked to design an immersive exhibition based around a self selected story or theme. The space allocated to us included a large open-plan stairway, an isolated walkway behind this and a mezzanine level. This project was focused on directing us to produce a piece together that would showcase skills learnt in the first semester.


The final design features a man-made water environment with several individual installations coming together to add immersion and context. Focusing on the ocean, we were drawn to waste as a resource so many of the elements later constructed feature disregarded plastic donated from local businesses. The exhibition would have nine hours to set up and be assessed at night.



Within the wider design were a collection of collaborative experiments. The idea was to create pieces which together could highlight as many skills as possible including video projection, sculpture, light design and immersive audio. These included:

  1. The (plastic) Kelp Forest

  2. 3D video sculpture

  3. Video mapped installation (s)

  4. 360 Sound Experience

  5. Motorised Waves

light design

Light setup and technicals made up for a large part of this exhibition from directing audience to manipulating individual moods. SOLO lamps created a widespread colour wash filling the entire space with ambient blue shades. Meanwhile, LED bars were used to cue transitioning states for specific pieces.

The (plastic) Kelp Forest used 4x LED bars positioned under the various sculptures. Together, they were programmed to cycle through various colour states making use of dimmers, RGB shaders and other modes. LEDs were chosen for this project due to their low working temperature, making them plastic safe.


CERIAN MASON | ERIK Schoonbeek | Marre fox | adrija balciunaite